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Mission Statement: It is our mission to assist human beings in attaining independence from useless behavior systems, by upgrading them into passionately empowering systems so they can play their game of life in such a self-satisfying way that they engage every other human as a passionate player.

Greetings! We have a saying: Since you are here right now, right now you are in the right place. Clearly, you are here because you have an interest in the workings of the mind. We at FOX Hypnosis have a deep appreciation for the human mind. As hypnotists, we know that it’s just as possible to program a brain, as it is a computer. That’s what we do here, navigate humans into success, whether it’s for Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Student Genius, Enhanced Salesmanship, Athletic Precision or Personal Excellence in any endeavor.

Each of these programs are more extensively outlined in this website. All you have to do is click on the appropriate link and you will be taken to the area of your interest. If you find that any of these paths of action turn you on, give us a call or email us and we’ll get you started!

Our Fit and Foxy Weight Loss Program is cutting edge in the world of hypnosis. As you may have seen on Oprah, or Dateline NBC, hypnosis is gaining mainstream acceptance for being a viable tool for weight loss. There is a good reason for that - it works. Just ask Virginia! (Read Virginia’s story.)

Weight loss with hypnosis is proving to take less effort, and the results seem to be longer-lasting than the traditional methods: pre-packaged meals, fad diets, pills, and shots. Hypnosis is certainly less health-hazardous than invasive surgeries.

We also offer Professional Hypnotist Training. We teach you how to program the mind for success and we can teach you how to program others for success. Our training for Clinical Hypnotherapy is complete in just 12 weeks. That’s right, 12 weeks! You get hands-on experience as you practice with your fellow students. Learn to work with eating disorders, chemical addictions, phobias, pain management for childbirth, relationship issues and much more. 
Our hypnotists and instructors are absolutely top of their game. Each is personally committed to guiding you into personal accomplishment, and/or educating you to help your potential clients with whatever goals they have. 

Click here for our contact information.

Good luck to you!

Always be aware of what and who
is programming you!

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